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Contactless QR Code Payment

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Customer’s QR Code

The customer’s app generates a QR Code. This QR Code is integrated with the customer’s bank account to enable them to pay and collect loyalty punches.

Zeal QR Code Scanner

The Zeal QR code scanner is present at each Point of Sale. The cashier enables the scanner to scan the customer’s QR Code. The customer has now paid and received a loyalty punch.

Remote Payments

Create and send payment links to collect money.

Step 1 : generate payment link

Generate payment link via zeal app or through the dashboard

Step 2 : Enter Customer Contact Details

Share link via SMS, Email, WhatsApp and more

Step 3 : Enter Customer Contact Details

Receive real time notifications and updates.

Create payment link


Customer Details

Payment link created

Share links via SMS, Email, Whatsapp and more

make a payment on this link to checkout the customer experience. Any amount collected will be refunded to the source account.

How Mobile Payments Work

The smarter way to collect payments.

Enter the requested payment amount on your merchant’s app.

Press on payment link to send the link with the ‘amount to charge’ to your desired customer.

The customer receives your payment link. You will get notified once the payment is made.

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Secured Mobile

All payments & transactions processed through Zeal are secured with industry standard security to provide you and your customers with peace of mind.

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