Marketing Agencies & Influencers

People deserve a seamless payment and rewards system. How did it ever make sense for us to pay and punch our loyalty cards separately? Well, we need you to spread the word. With your reach and popularity, you’ll play a massive role in shaping peoples lives in Egypt and around the world, creating a robust community of Zeal users.

As a Zeal Ambassador or Retail Affiliate, you’ll be rewarded for your creativity, effort and referrals. You’ll earn money for every referral and access to exclusive Zeal events. There isn’t a limit to what we can do together, hand in hand.

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Become a Zeal Ambassador!

Are you a person of strong influence? Is
your social media presence strong?
If yes, this is for you!

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Become a Zeal Retail Affiliate!

Do you own or work at a marketing
agency? Have F&B, retail, or beauty
salon clients?
If yes, this is for you!


Who can apply to become a Zeal Ambassador ?

Anyone can apply to become a Zeal Ambassador. You might not have the largest follower base on social media but be of great influence in your community. Apply now!

How do I sign up?

Simply click the ‘Apply’ button above to sign up as a Zeal Ambassador!

Can I promote Zeal for users and businesses?

Yes you can. If you have a large business network, it might be best for you to apply as an affiliate. If you’ll be referring Zeal users, sign up as a Zeal Ambassador. If you want to do both, tick the “both” box on sign up.

When will I get paid?

Payments are made monthly, on 30-day terms.

What levels of commissions do you pay?

Details about commissions and payments will be provided when signing up.

Are there fees to receive my referral payouts?

There are no fees to receiving your referral payout.

How do I get credited?

Payouts may be debited to your bank account or collected in cash.